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The world needs more diverse founders and fund managers.

We're here to help them thrive.

Our Philosophy

The checks that fund the unicorns of the future should be written and received by more women, Black / Latinx / indigenous individuals, LGBTQ+ folks, immigrants, and veterans.

We believe the best way to support founders and funders is by helping them acquire capital, either through raising funds or by focusing on growth to drive new revenue. 

Making change starts with dollars.


Our Services

We support and advise early stage founders and emerging fund managers in a variety of ways, all of which focus on business growth. Some of our most sought-after skills include:


Fundraising Strategy


We're happy to partner with teams on a consultative basis or work directly with you to help execute. Our collaboration will be tailored to meet your unique needs, budget, and style. 


Nothing energizes us more than connecting with people who share our mission - if that's you, please drop us a line!


If you're an early stage founder or fund manager, we're excited to meet you, hear your story, and support your success.




Contact Us

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